Will Airbnb for Warehouses Take Off?

On-demand services are becoming so much a part of our daily lives that millennials can’t imagine a world before Uber or Postmates. Now, on-demand service is becoming a reality in the logistics real estate sector. Technology platforms such as Flexe and Stord connect organizations that need warehousing space to those that have extra space on

Use Big Data to Improve Your Supply Chain

The term “big data” has been one of the hottest buzzwords in recent years, which shouldn’t be a surprise. Statistical science and data analytics can help organizations acquire historical measurements and generate actionable information that improves supply chain visibility, drives operational efficiency, and supports growth. But knowing the importance of data is only the first

5 Tactics for Managing the Unexpected

No supply chain is immune from risk, and the farther a company’s supply chain traverses the globe, the more opportunity for things to go awry. Companies can take proactive steps to ensure they won’t be blindsided by sudden changes to their supply chain. Taking out a credit insurance policy from a credit insurer is just

This principle will help you land more business in the USA

Have you ever been in a restaurant where you can’t see what’s going on in the kitchen? We all have. As soon as anything tastes weird, we wondered how do they cook our food in that kitchen. On the contrary, many restaurants and not just fast-food restaurants, but full credited restaurants are bringing the kitchen

Can Blockchain reduce supply chain complexity and costs?

Blockchain – the technology behind the digital asset and payment system Bitcoin – is being mooted as the next big thing for supply chains. But how can this fledgling technology be used to benefit logistics and the greater supply chain? The answer lies in its potential to speed up administrative processes and to take costs

Grocery supply chains face rapid change

The big supermarket chains have been casting around for ways to hang on to market share in the face of a determined assault from the discounters. .The scale of the problem is highlighted in figures from Kantar Worldpanel. Between October 2014 and June 2018, Aldi’s market share has grown from 4.8 per cent to 7.4

Top 3 Techniques To Get The Most Out of Your WCA Membership

We love our WCA membership, and Over the years we have tried and erred so many ways to get the most out of our investment to this wonderful organization. Today I want to share with you our TOP 3 TECHNIQUES TO GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR WCA MEMBERSHIP.   1.- Invest Time on Researching

Technology Solution Offers Increased Savings

SwanLeap’s Artificial Intelligence helped an HVAC supplier increase efficiency and annual savings. The Challenge Companies are struggling to stay competitive as supply chain technologies grow into the NextGen solutions today’s market demands. Research Products, an HVAC supplier, was plagued by inefficiencies and overspending due to their antiquated use of a static routing guide. The rules

Pallets: Backbone of the Warehouse

Wood or plastic? Lease or purchase? Whatever your operations need, there’s a pallet provider ready to supply it. Think of pallets like the tires on your car. Pallets are where the rubber meets the road, the point of contact between shipments and the various transportation modes in the global supply chain. Pallets are so common

Hospitals use logistics to help cut medical device costs

Hospitals—having spent the better part of the past decade working with their surgeons to narrow the variety of cardiovascular, orthopedic and other implants used in their operating rooms—are now looking for new ways to cut expenses related to these high-cost items. The imperative to bring down the cost of physician preference items, or PPIs, has