Five advantages of Custom Bonded Warehouse

When it comes to logistics, we live in one of the busiest cities in the world. That’s why the Advantages of a Miami Custom Bonded Warehouses are so important for «in transit cargo».

Here is a list we think you might be interested in…

Here are Five Advantages of a Miami Custom Bonded Warehouse:

  1. Goods can be stored in a Custom Bonded Warehouse up to five years without having to pay VAT or other custom duties, deferring this cost until it is time for the goods to be removed or sold and reducing the financial burden on the business.
  2. Storage in a bonded warehouse does not mean the goods are inaccessible. You are usually permitted to mix, divide, and pack stored goods to ready them for marketing, export, or other purposes.
  3. Goods intended to be re-exported are entirely exempt from duty payment.
  4. The importer may endorse their warehouse receiptor warehouse bond to sell or transfer the stored goods.
  5. The importer may use the goods stored in a bonded warehouse as collateral for acquiring bank loans – before having paid import tariffs.


What are the benefits of handling your Custom Bonded Cargo with us?

  • Keep your custom fees in your bank until you sell the products: Bring your cargo into the U.S. and pay your customs fees as you sell them. We will keep them safe and stored until you sell them all!
  • Save on Re-Export Taxes: If you are planning on bringing products to the U.S. and re-shipping them to another country, then you could avoid paying importing fees since customs knows that those products will be shipped out of the country.
  • You can consolidate your cargo: As we explained before, if you are receiving goods from different countries, it makes sense to store them in a Custom Bonded Warehouse, consolidate, and then ship them out… No Taxes.
  • Custom Bonded Warehouse clearance paperwork is less costly.


Do you have questions about Custom Bonded Warehousing in Miami? Please drop us a note and we will be happy to answer those questions and to guide you through a “hassle-free process” of importing or exporting using our Custom Bonded Warehouse.


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