How our Custom Bonded Warehouse saved our client $36K on Customs Fees

International logistics is an ever-changing environment, and as industry professionals, our mission goes beyond the daily operations. It requires special problem-solving talents that sharpen themselves with the years in the industry.

A particular case that really sharpened our skills was the time when a client approached us with the need of purchasing a fairly good amount of merchandise in the U.S. to be received in our warehouses, consolidated, palletized, and shipped to South America.

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The real challenge came when some of the U.S.-based suppliers couldn’t meet the final client’s deadline and they found themselves forced to look for alternatives in other countries. One of those countries was Mexico, and our logistics officers determined that it was more optimal to ground ship the goods to Miami, consolidate all the cargo, and forward it to its final destination.

Other goods were in transit from China via Panama, and the supplier managed to allocate some of the goods to Miami.

A particular case was the one when a Canadian supplier had to fly 23 tons of cargo to be consolidated in Miami.

There is when our Custom Bonded Warehouse saved our client not just money and resources, but created peace of mind as they didn’t have to custom clear all that cargo, even when we needed to handle the goods in American territory before it was shipped out of the country.

A Custom Bonded Warehouse makes so much sense when the client has “In transit” cargo or even when they need to pay their custom dues as the merchandise is sold in America.

If you have any «In-Transit» cargo through Miami, we are your logistics solution! – Contact Us

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