This principle will help you land more business in the USA

Have you ever been in a restaurant where you can’t see what’s going on in the kitchen? We all have. As soon as anything tastes weird, we wondered how do they cook our food in that kitchen.

On the contrary, many restaurants and not just fast-food restaurants, but full credited restaurants are bringing the kitchen for every eye to see, why? Because they are not afraid to show their processes. They trust their processes, they trust their staff, and you get the point.

Competition is tough in our industry, but in the United States that has another level of difficulty when you have to bring the Customer Service component to your operations.

You see, in the past customer service was a department that served the product. Today we are in a business model where the Customer Experience is the center of the company and our product and services cater to an ever-improving experience for our clients.

This simple but powerful principle will get your company on the right track to generate relationships in the US, and more importantly, generate returning customers to your company.

We are a Customer Experience Company that offers logistics services to our clients

Transparency is the keyword that will boost the credibility into your business. We all outsource something, that’s ok. Not all of us have our own ships, that is ok too… What? Your company doesn’t have their own Boeing 767 Cargo? … That is also ok. As long as you are transparent, your clients won’t mind if you outsource, rent, lease.

The most important asset your company has after your human resource is the ability to generate a consistently excellent customer experience, and that my friends start with transparency of processes.

Bring the kitchen to the front ☺

In TecnoShip Group we are proud to open our house to every client and business partner we come in contact with, so everybody has clear expectations and it also generates opportunities for collaborating in many projects.

What do you to show transparency in your company? Is there a tip you could share with us?

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