Top 3 Techniques To Get The Most Out of Your WCA Membership

We love our WCA membership, and Over the years we have tried and erred so many ways to get the most out of our investment to this wonderful organization.



1.- Invest Time on Researching Your Potential Partners

One of the biggest mistakes we could fall into is to think that our company was a one-fits-all company. The reality is far from that, instead, we focused on segmenting companies by different characteristics such as; Country of operations, logistics specialty, Industry niche, Infrastructure, to mention just a few.

This approach allows us to narrow our focus and concentrate on those companies that are more likely to request a quote from us or instead, have the capacity to handle cargo on our behalf in their countries.

This leads us to the next point…


2.- Reciprocity

Sometimes we focus too much just on receiving quotes inquiries from potential logistics partners, but what about we find the way to approach a potential WCA partner with a quote request?

I am not talking about a fake request, that’s just beyond unethical and it won’t take you anywhere. I am talking about generating a first approach with the right foot in… bring some business to the relationship, brake the ice, even if this first transaction doesn’t leave you the desired revenue, it will certainly open the door for more in the future.


3.- Lighting Fast Follow Up

It may seem obvious but being extra proactive about responding to every communication will generate a so much needed sense of trust and reliability.

It won’t hurt being smart about it… We all work from different time zones, and some companies are going the extra mile on hiring people to attend to those markets who are active while the company sleeps J

Another approach to this (and way more affordable), is to set up autoresponders on your company’s email accounts that once you are done for the day, it will state something like “we are taking a quick rest, but answering your email is the first thing I will do tomorrow after pouring my coffee…”

And this last statement allows me to give you a bonus tip that has worked marvelously for us…


4.- Be Real (bonus)

If you are like me, you must be tired of stock photos on logistics websites and let’s face it, not all our projects will generate the most photogenic cargo. But that doesn’t mean you have to buy pictures and create a perception of size, operations, clients that just don’t exist.

Do you have a huge warehouse? Great! Do you have an amazing fleet? Awesome! But if you don’t have those yet, focus on the quality of service, at the end that is what separates us from the rest in this wonderful business… Quality of Service and that my friend can’t be faked.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it, and if you like it, please share it with someone that you think could enjoy this reading.

And don’t forget that if you need a Logistics Partner in the US we are here for you. Try us out with your next project!

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