Warehousing in Miami, what it should offer for your cargo

Our records indicate that, for one reason or another, a number of our current customers that make use of our services, usually require space at our warehouse in Miami Fl.

There could be many reasons to use our warehousing service, for example, transfering cargo from one transportation system to another, offset hours in shipping cargo, delay due to environmental issues, delay in the freight ship, truck, or plane that will take the cargo, a fault with the documentation, unannounced inspections, etc. We could make a mile long list about how many other reasons there are that could lead to the necessary use of a warehouse in Miami, Fl. Some people rarely stop to evaluate some of the basic conditions that any warehouse should offer to support and effectively handle the volume of cargo that they are mobilizing. Just as we ensure important logistics such as shipping time, costs, and reduction in the amount of customs procedures, among others,we also must evaluate some of the basic storage conditions for care and effectivity to handle the volume of cargo we are mobilizing.


5 standard things you should briefly evaluate when placing your large load in a warehouse in Miami


1.Cargo Security

Any warehouse must have the minimum safety and security standards to ensure that all merchandise on the site remains protected under optimal conditions. The subject of cargo security ranges from surveillance cameras, fire systems (if your load is flammable), flood systems, etc. Be sure to check that your load is secure during its stay in that warehouse.



A warehouse stores merchandise for many different customers, different quantities, different industries, different backgrounds, and different destinations; without a logical order to control, locations, inputs, outputs and status of each of the loads on such a store would be difficult to meet the required care and deliveries. Usually, many of these stores resort to provide some software support to bring the detailed control of each load from receipt until their actual departure from the site.


3.Infrastructure supporting the cargo volume

To handle large volumes needed to storage in Miami the equipment and structures needed to mobilize and handle this cargo in the most optimal manner possible, minimizing storage risks. Labelers, forklifts, racks, weights, packaging and sealing systems, all these represent important items and teams in the warehouse.


4.Trained and service oriented personnel

Having trained and serviced oriented personnel guarantees that the transit and handling of your cargo within the warehouse will be in the most optimal way. Since a service oriented personnel will defend your cargo or goods provided, and orient their efforts to comply with standardized procedures designed to make sure that all merchandise is handled optimally.


5.Ability to respond to any setback

Handling large volumes of cargo always involves risks that can not be solved from our offices, phones, tablets, etc. A warehouse that is easily accessible, with transportation services or alliances with larger storage spaces, offers more advantages and attributes. Finally, everyone wants to resolve any possible mishap, faster, and expose as little as possible of the cargo;because it represents not only costs, but in many cases may represent utility, positioning, replacement of merchandise, special strategy of a company, etc. .


Do you have goods in transit? Do you need a warehouse in Miami, Fl?


In Tecnoship Group, we have large spaces, trained personnel, equipment, and automated storage system to adequately handle your cargo and
mobilize it  with all the safety measures required to avoid unnecessary risks.


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