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Our transportation network and established alliances within the industry become the most valuable tools when addressing the large loads that supply different inventories in Latin America.

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Consolidated Cargo

We unite different customers’ cargo in a single shipment going to the same destination in a timely manner. In this manner it can be mobilized more easily by pallets, it will always be accompanied by our assistance in customs procedures, transportation, storage and delivery logistics.

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We have large facilities located in strategic places in all our cities’ operations, to facilitate outreach and access. We can assist you in any storage and distribution system. Giving the utmost attention to every detail of safety, quality, and control over the load, even for loads with specific temperature requirements.

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We provide transportation support and logistics in freight shipments primarily from US to Latin America and a couple of other countries. Our transportation solutions offer our customers the opportunity to get their shipments anywhere in the amount of time necessary and in record time.

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